Inspiration & Dedication

As a chiropractor, I was inspired to provide simplified patient education and clinic promotions all in one. Just like you, I am constantly trying to educate my patients with up to date information that is specific to that patient.

With Chirotopix, your staff will have immediate access at their fingertips for the topic that a particular patient needs. Too often, we buy bundles of brochures and three things happen; they collect dust, they’re non-personalized for the doctor, and not the right topic when you need it.

Chirotopix’s printouts are designed to be easier to understand for the patient and fully customized for the doctor/clinic. Our writers will continually be updating new information as current research becomes available. I want to be sure our print-outs are improving and meeting your clinic’s needs.

Just click, print, and hand it to the patient as they check out! Prefer to email? -Go for it!

-- Karl Krantz, DC