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Ear Infections

Ear infections cause millions of parents to spend many sleepless nights administering pain relievers, antibiotics and holding fussy babies and children. There is hope. Chiropractic care is safe and proven effective for helping your child.

For some it seems as though one infection clears up, only to be followed in a few short weeks by another. Why has this become a common part of childhood?

Ear infections (otitis media) are the number one reason children see a medical doctor. In 1994, this added up to over 24 million visits per year. Most of these children were prescribed antibiotics. Yet two major universities reviewed 33 studies to determine if antibiotics help in the treatment of ear infections, and the conclusion was that they only helped 14% more than the body’s own immune system.

So what can you do? Chiropractors examine and gently adjust the bones in the neck to relieve nerve pressure. It is known that anatomically these nerves help control the function of the eustacian tube (the main drainage tube of the ear). Much like a tight muscle in the back, once the pressure is released from the nerves, the muscle around the eustacian tube relaxes and may increase normal ear drainage.  Spinal adjustments can help the neck muscles relax as well, allowing for improved lymphatic drainage which aids in healing.

A study was conducted in Minnesota on 46 children who suffered from ear infections. The patients were aged five years and younger. The objective was to determine if chiropractic care made a significant improvement in their cases. After a program of three treatments for one week, then two treatments for one week, then one treatment, both parents and medical doctors of the children overwhelmingly judged them to be improved. In fact, 93% of all cases were improved, 75% in 10 days or fewer, and 43% with only one or two treatments.  J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1996 (Mar); 19 (3): 169–177

Your child does not have to suffer from chronic ear infections and endless antibiotics and pain medications. Talk to your chiropractor about the safe and natural treatments available, starting with spinal adjustments, and including possible dietary and lifestyle changes.

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